3-Minute Shopping!

As the economic crisis in Sri Lanka rumbles on, inflation at over 50% has hit the people hard. In late March, Hutch launched an initiative to lessen the burden for its customers, giving them a chance to “shop all they can.” 

The ‘Hutch 3-Minute Unlimited Shopping Fiesta Challenge’ enrolled customers who activated a ‘Hutch Unlimited World Plan’ for the weekly draw, with the chance to win unlimited free grocery shopping at the supermarket chain, Keells. 

The promotion lasted for 5 weeks from 25 March to 28 April, and 10 lucky winners per week were able to shop for almost anything they wanted within a 3-minute window. The campaign was open to all Hutch prepay and postpay subscribers valid within the campaign start and end date. 

The lucky shoppers were able to spend on groceries and essentials to the value of hundreds of dollars; pantries and fridges were once again filled, easing financial burden on many families. Sri Lankans continue to undergo hardships but Hutch is doing its best to support its fellow citizens via competitive data deals and charitable initiatives like the ‘Shopping Fiesta Challenge’.