5G Feng Shui

It’s no surprise that a mobile network would celebrate such accomplishments as the country’s ‘best coverage’ or the city’s ‘fastest network.’ But Three Hong Kong, with its superior 5G network, recently decided to take a more personal and lighthearted lifestyle approach by listening to its customers.

In focus groups, Three’s customers expressed their desire for the network to perform well in places of importance – namely home, work and the commute spaces in between.

To promote and build trust in their 5G network stability and territory-wide coverage in a more relevant and leisure-based way, Three Hong Kong launched a series of fun videos titled “Master 3 & Hipster: Fortune all around.”

The multi-district city allows ‘Master 3’ with ‘Angel’ and other friends, to go on jaunts to discover the city’s ‘hot spots’ and to test 5G network performance. The best part is the giant cardboard Feng Shui compass he carries, entitled the “5G Location Fortune Test,” upon which four phones are placed to test the network speed.

From North and Kowloon City to Central and the Islands, the local presenters discover everything from tunnels to train stations, local markets to upmarket shopping malls, and art galleries to outdoor installations. They make video calls, do live streams, and upload selfies to social media. Whilst download speeds vary between 200 and 300 Mbps depending on the location (and Feng Shui), Three Hong Kong always comes out on top against the other unnamed networks.

With 11 episodes in total, covering all of Hong Kong’s 18 districts, not only does the city shine but so too does Three’s 5G network, proving that technology and lifestyle can be effortlessly paired.

You can watch the video series here.