5G & FinTech

Three Hong Kong is making the most of its superior 5G network and new 5G LIVE services to hold a series of webcasts on the importance of 5G to the FinTech sector. This continues our theme of demonstrating how a strong 5G network with high speed and low latency can help make our customers lives and work better.

Hosted by one of Hong Kong’s veteran financial advisors, Paul Pong Po-Lam, the webcasts will be held every Thursday featuring leading stock market commentators including a university professor, wealth management analyst, and investment strategy director. They will offer insights on key shifts in the FinTech sector and how to pick winning shares.

Fintech is undeniably advantageous for organisations as technology continues to redefine our daily lives.

A wide range of topics will be covered including how 5G can be the backbone of the digital era in the Finance and Tech industries. Further, tips for Millennials wanting to accumulate assets, views on the energy sector and how to pick the right stock and invest at the right time. Learn about global asset allocation and how to determine the right asset allocation strategy under the new policy address. 

Whether you’re a novice or experienced investor, the webcasts are bound to be informative and insightful. You can also learn more about 3HK’s new “5G Stock Pro” monthly service plan here.

Join the 3FinTech webcast
5G LIVE every Thurs at noon @3HK facebook.