5G in perfect harmony.

Billed as ‘5G Syncs with the Power of Drums’, Hong Kong witnessed a percussion performance like no other on 13 June 2020 – and it was an event powered and live streamed on the Three Hong Kong 5G network, the first collaboration of its kind in Hong Kong.

The idea of the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra’s powerful drum performance was to boost the morale of the Hong Kong people as the nation emerges from the pandemic – and the collaboration with Three Hong Kong enabled the positive vibes to spread far and wide, even internationally, via the 5G network, in 4K definition.

With the #drumchallenge hashtag, online viewers became active participants, encouraged to join the performance by clapping hands and striking objects in rhythm with the orchestra, to spread positive energy from street to street and district to district. Thanks to the quality of the livestream, the international audience were in perfect rhythm, following local percussion and wind artists Kenny Kwan, Carlos Chan, Angus Yeung, and Angela Hui.

As the Covid-19 pandemic changes the way we all experience culture and entertainment, 5G technology is unlocking new opportunities for people to gather virtually, and safely participate. And as this alliance between Three Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra proved, you don’t have to be there to feel the vibe.