5G Smart

A new smart connected district known as Brobyholm will be one of Sweden’s smart living environments of the future.

Tre has formed a strategic partnership with investment and real estate company S. Property Group who, alongside partners Samsung Electronics, Vattenfall and ABB, will build a future-oriented smart urban infrastructure. Tre will be responsible for the area’s mobile connection via 5G, to enable smart homes to be connected where the homes’ functionalities are controlled with mobile devices.

Just a short commute from Stockholm Central, Brobyholm residents of the future will have access to the services and functions they need to be able to live more sustainably and comfortably. It’s about a quality of life that smart solutions make possible. More time for family, friends and life beyond the digital.

The project is aiming to create a flexible and future-driven fossil-free complete solution with, for example, solar panels, energy storage and electric car charging. Residents will be able to save both energy and money, while reducing their climate footprint and managing various mobile devices and functions in their homes via a single source. 

Believing in the power of 5G to contribute to a more sustainable society, Tre CEO Haval van Drumpt said, “Brobyholm is a good example of innovative thinking. We are happy to be a part of exciting future projects that unite cutting-edge technology with sustainability. 5G is the next generation of mobile networks that offer connectivity at very high speeds with low latency.”