5G supremacy.

Having recently demonstrated the potential of 5G in Hong Kong through its ‘Keep on Loving’ KOL activation and its live stream partnership with the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, Three Hong Kong now launches a network credentials campaign based on its impressive 5G coverage.

Hong Kong’s ‘5G Supreme Network’, the campaign claim, now covers upwards of 99% of the territory – with its high-speed, low-latency service now live at nearly 600 indoor and outdoor premises and facilities. These include major highways, large shopping malls, commercial buildings, hospitals, universities and hotels. Which of course means that a significant percentage of the Hong Kong population are now able to experience 5G when and where they will need it most.

To promote the strength of the network, Three has created a dedicated 5G website, which unpacks all the 5G propositions for customers and businesses – including 5G SIM Plans, 5G Smartphones and 5G Applications.

For Hong Kong’s typical customer, 5G can bring some impressive speeds to downloading and streaming. A 2-hour 4K movie, which would take 40 minutes to download using 4G, is ready to watch in just four minutes. A 1GB work file takes a blistering 10 seconds. For businesses and entrepreneurial types, Three’s 5G Live Broadcasting platform can take live streamed content to millions of potential customers. And with 5G On Air, a kind of 5G show-and-tell video channel, anyone can find out about the potential of 5G for education, gaming, business and entertainment.