Always ‘Hari’ with Hutch

The ‘Hari-Network’ campaign was created in Sri Lanka to depict what Hutch brings to the table for everyone across the island. The Hari Network, which means the ‘right network’, communicates how Hutch is just right for anything and everything you need from your preferred service provider. ‘Hari’ is an extremely positive word in the local language and is something that has not been owned by any other brand. And with Hutch’s unbeatable offer, the network promises no more barriers to customers who want to connect regularly, ensuring it offers peace of mind and the right experience.

After a very successful thematic campaign, Hutch launched a series of commercials to showcase the products and services on offer. The latest of which is ‘Katha Hari’ (Right Talk) which focuses on a market first: Hutch Sri Lanka’s ground-breaking package that bundles 1000 minutes of talk time to ANY NETWORK. The TV spot takes place on the bank of a picturesque river, where a patient shop vendor serves a young male who has plenty of calls to make – and plenty of tea to drink.

The ‘Hutch Hari Katha – ANYNET Bundle Plan’ costs Rs. 345 per month (USD $1.71) and includes: 1000 Any Network mins, 500 bonus mins for Hutch to Hutch calls, 2GB Anytime Data, and 1000 SMS to any network. 

You can watch the TV spot here.