Bearing fruit

In July, Northern Europe’s largest music festival, Roskilde Festival 2023, kicked off. With over 100,000 guests attending, the festival supports 180 acts over eight days every year. And that requires a world-class network! 

To ensure that all 3 customers have the best network experience, 3 has added seven extra 4G and 5G masts at the festival. A total of 150 tonnes of equipment with the cooperation of Cibicom A/S, providing a lightning-fast connection for festival goers. Roskilde Festival is not the only festival that 3 supports with extra network capacity, though. In total, 3 supplies extra network capacity to eighteen festivals throughout Denmark during the festival season in spring and summer.

Recently, 3 released its sustainability report for 2022, highlighting efforts it’s making in achieving its ESG pillars. In 2022, 3 made the positive decision to become a member of the UN Global Compact.

In his CEO address in the report, Morten Christiansen stated, “Looking back at 2022, our work with sustainability bears fruit. Sustainability has high importance for 3, especially in times where it seems one global crisis relieves the next without pause. We acknowledge that becoming more sustainable year by year is our license to operate in both a telco market and a society, where future generations can thrive.”

In energy, 3 is aware of the massive power consumption required to run the nation’s third largest telecommunications network. 3 made advancements in both reducing its consumption and giving back as much renewable power to the grid as it consumed, by partnering with local partner ‘The 0-Mission’, who own a solar park in Jutland. 

Contributing to the circular consumer electronics economy is another key step. Since 2020, 3 has been operating its ‘Trade for New’ initiative where customers can trade in old smartphones, smartwatches and tablets in return for a discount on subscription fees. 3 wants to take greater responsibility in recycling old hardware and reducing waste from these products. In 2022, emissions equivalent to 194 tonnes of CO2 were avoided – an improvement from the previous year.

In social, 3 remains committed to internal training via their Academy Profession program, as well as gender equality, diversity and inclusion. For the first time in the company’s history, representation of female customer service officers increased from 40% in 2020 to 52% by the end of 2022. 

CEO Morten Christiansen added, “Our goal for 2023 remains the same as for 2022: to leave 3 in a more sustainable place than the year before.”