Better bandwidth

Another major milestone has been reached in the rollout of Denmark’s 5G network. This month, they achieved the 1000th location of 5G masts. It may seem like just another number but the increase in masts is a game changer for Danish customers, taking them to a new level of superfast, high frequency (3500MHz) C-band 5G.

3 Danmark’s Network Director, Kim Christensen pointed out the relevance of the milestone with the difference in speed caused by just one gigabit per second (Gbit/s). “Here we are talking about more than a multiplication of the speed of the typical user’s Internet,” he said. “For example, with speeds of one gigabit, you will be able to download very large files much faster than before, and if there are several people together, you do not need to worry about all being online at the same time. There is enough space.”

As 3 continues to modernise its network and roll out 5G across the country, customers can expect speeds 5-10 times faster than 4G. As of today, 3’s 5G network covers more than 70% of Danish households, with plans to reach 100% of households before the end of 2023.