Bima Insurance

The pluses keep coming for Indonesia’s Bima+ app with Tri’s latest offering of an insurance service that offers maximum protection for motorbike users.

With roughly 112 million motorcycles on the road in Indonesia, the country has one of the world’s highest concentrations of motorcyclists. Accidents and fatalities are clearly of concern, especially in Indonesia’s densely populated cities.

Tri’s recent cooperation with a trusted insurance partner will provide an affordable two-wheeler (motorcycle) insurance targeting their young customers who travel and commute by bike. Riders can now have peace of mind knowing their bike has maximum protection under Tri’s new Bima Insurance.

The offer is available to both Prepaid and Postpaid customers with Tri; the application and payment process is simple via the Bima+ app. To apply, customers simply need to download and register on the Bima+ app with a valid Tri number. Next, customers choose the right insurance plan on the Bima Insurance page, and pay via available payment methods after agreeing to the terms. After payment of premium fees and registration at the Insurance Partner is successful, customers will receive an e-policy via email; this e-policy can be used to make a claim.

For more information on Bima Insurance, click here or access the Bima+ app via Google Play and the App Store.