Changing lives

The launch of Hutch’s new tower is not just about providing connectivity. The ‘Gamata Sannivedanaya’ project, in collaboration with the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka, will directly provide connectivity to 1100 students and 650 families.

Hutch strongly believes that education and technology should be accessible for all Sri Lankans. The Gamata Sannivedanaya Weniwel Ara tower will support villages surrounding both the Ratnapura and Hambantota districts, and provide a platform to uplift lives and provide opportunity. This initiative is set to elevate the education of thousands of children.

Hutch has also made a pledge to provide a local Buddhist temple and a regional school, with free Wi-Fi routers for a whole year. Novice monks and students alike will be able to engage in studies without interruption.

Hutch says it’s committed to similar projects in the future, aimed at improving the lives of all Sri Lankans.