Changing up mobile.

Three Ireland’s second brand ‘48’ is the nation’s first truly digital-only youth mobile network, and it’s changing up mobile with the introduction of two totally new SIM-only plans.

Following closely in the footsteps of Three UK’s second brand ‘Smarty’, 48’s customers are being offered more choice and flexibility than ever before. The new plans, starting from just €9.99 per month, offer a range of flexi-data features which allow customers to experience mobile data in the way that works for them.

They can choose to Carry, Save, Share, Swap or Donate their data each month, depending on how their data use is going or how generous they’re feeling month by month. There are options to roll over unused data, save it up for rainy days, share with friends or family, or even turn minutes into gigabytes. The ‘donate’ option sees Three hook up with FoodCloud, the charity that seeks to reallocate wasted food to homeless charities and family support schemes.

To relaunch the brand, Three Ireland created a campaign called ‘Question It’, illustrating the idea of 48 through a co-created approach to brand advertising. The campaign uses real questions sourced from 16-22 year olds and executes them through a mixed media style. You can check it out here.