Clever Campaign

Italian lightheartedness is the winning ingredient of WINDTRE’s latest ad campaign, a cheeky and fun play on the concept of the benefit of hindsight.

History is bursting with visionaries whose predictions either never came to light or were way off course.

In 1880, Institute of Technology President, Henry Morton claimed, “The lamp is a conspicuous failure.” With the advent of the motorcar in 1903, a motor company lawyer uttered the famous last words, “The horse is here to stay, but the automobile is only a fad.”

In 1815, Napoleon Bonaparte sealed his own fate into the pages of history when he rashly and erroneously announced, “I foresee victory within midday.”

And the list goes on.

So what about WINDTRE? Is it true when Andrea says that it’s a network that doesn’t work?

The clever TVC will no doubt attract new customers to the WINDTRE network, currently confirmed as Italy’s fastest mobile network and awarded the Ookla® Speedtest AwardTM.

Check out the full ad here.