Closer to seniors.

At the same time as promoting some of its overarching propositions and its loyalty programme WINDAY, WINDTRE has been reaching out in a very targeted way to a specific audience throughout April – one that has been disproportionately affected by the pandemic.

As in many other nations, Italy’s senior population has been shown to have suffered not only from serious health issues brought on by coronavirus, but also from less apparent hardships such as social isolation through the sudden lack of human connection.

Having already partnered with FederAnziani, the elderly support organisation, to offer a toll-free phone line, WINDTRE went ‘above and beyond’ by providing a suite of online support materials to help the elderly find virtual connections, where physical ones were prohibited.

This included step-by-step online tutorials and walk-throughs for tools like WhatsApp, Facebook and Gmail, so seniors could understand how to communicate using digital technology. Other basic videos showed how to use home delivery for medicine and food, and a further video is being produced explaining how to connect with a doctor or healthcare provider online.

When the world returns to normality, WINDTRE’s Top Quality Network will undoubtedly unlock awe-inspiring sport, entertainment and gaming for many younger customers. But with an audience segment that can be unfamiliar with – or even confused by – modern technology, today WINDTRE’s power is being used in the most simple and compassionate way possible.