Closing the distance

Against all odds, when Italy was in full lockdown, WINDTRE has managed to create and air its new Super Fibra TVC, and it’s all about bringing people closer – a core promise of the newly merged brand.

The ad, set in a young boy’s home on his birthday, tells the kind of story we’re all too familiar with right now – when a family must rely on digital technology and broadband to share a special moment, physical contact being an impossibility. In this case, the boy’s birthday takes an exciting turn when special guest Rosario Fiorello comes along to the party – albeit via screen. You can see the ad here.

The story tells WINDTRE’s brand promise perfectly – its ‘Top Quality Network’ being the enabler that supports everyone in getting closer to each other.

But, of course, the bigger story was the production itself. As challenging as TVCs are to produce at the best of times, this one had to be conceived, developed, shot and edited by the WINDTRE team without the benefit of actually ‘being together’ – in accordance with government guidelines on smart working. It was a feat achieved with a mixture of videocalls, WhatsApp groups and some improvised styling and casting. The boy and his parents were the family of the TVCs director, and they never left the home during the shoot. And the star guest Rosario Fiorello produced, directed and shot his own part from his home studio.

It just shows; where there’s a will, there’s a way – especially if your Super Fibra and WINDTRE behind you.