Closing the Gap

Sweden is already a world leader in gender equality and ranked as one of the top European nations in the Gender Equality Index score. It also became the first country in the world to launch a feminist foreign policy.

However, the workplace gender gap still exists. Tre’s recent ‘Close the Gap’ Equality Festival, held at 3 House in Stockholm from 30th May to 3rd June, was an inspiring and fun event aimed at bringing industry leaders together with participants to discuss the role of women in the IT and tech industries.

The initiative comes off the back of Tre’s appointment of HR Manager, Cecilia Eriksson, whose mission is to make the male-dominated Tre Sverige equal. Cecilia, who identified bias within the technology and sales departments, says, “The goal is that by 2025, half of all managers will be women.”

A range of speakers from a variety of businesses and backgrounds presented their thought pieces in live podcasts, lectures, panel discussions and training sessions, including Tre’s CEO Haval van Drumpt. Questions and debate stirred around how to encourage more women to take up positions in technology and sales, how to make Tre a more parent-friendly workplace, and how to get even better at fair and equal recruitment.

In addition, there were entertaining activities to get participants to engage and have fun including cinema, popcorn, quizzes, family activities, award ceremonies and many moments to simply hang and chill at 3 House.

The Close the Gap Equality Festival is kicking goals by furthering Tre’s journey towards becoming the telecom industry’s most equal company.