Committing to customers

Pay a visit to Three Ireland’s website, and you’ll see they’ve recognised exactly what their customers need at this difficult time. A straightforward commitment to help.

And in contrast to a brand that’s otherwise rich with entertaining content and promotions, Three delivers its message via a simple paragraph, written sincerely, addressing its customers’ current needs.

“We know our network is vital to keeping you connected with loved ones and work during this time and we’re ready for the higher number of calls and data usage coming our way. We’ve removed the 60GB data limit from our All You Can Eat Data service and access to, as well as healthcare and educational resource websites identified by the Government will not use your data allowance. All calls to the HSE’s COVID-19 helpline are now also free.”

Three go on to say they have measures in place to help customers affected financially by the crisis, with a case-by-case approach, and a promise to maintain services for those who are stretched.

It’s a real challenge for brands, knowing how to behave at a time like this – but Three Ireland are responding in an understanding, generous and helpful way, putting the customer first. Which is what Three is well known for in Ireland.