Crypto payments

Three Hong Kong has just announced an industry-first collaboration with FTX US, a leading digital assets exchange. The partnership will enable Three customers to pay for phone bills, products and services online with selected cryptocurrencies.

In these early days of the Metaverse, Three is the first Telco in Hong Kong to offer customers real payment choices via its innovative spending platform.

Powered by FTX US’s cryptocurrency exchange service ‘FTXPay’, users will be able to send and accept selected cryptocurrencies for payment of monthly fees, purchases of mobile devices and other value-added services.

Executive Director and CEO Kenny Koo said, “We are thrilled to become the first operator in Hong Kong to embrace cryptocurrency payments. We have put our words into action and pushed forward with the launch of the new payment option after our first venture into the crypto art market last July. 3 Hong Kong is pioneering a new digital world with the addition of virtual currency payments as evidenced by the exciting collaboration with FTX US using FTX Pay. We are providing customers with new payment options in the Metaverse.”

As a one-stop-solutions provider, Three is playing a prominent role in developing a new economy ecosystem in Hong Kong through its 5G and IoT capabilities. Under a suite of brands and business operations, Three will continue to pioneer business opportunities in mobility, artificial intelligence, block chain, cloud computing, big data, NFT and virtual reality.