Devices for All

Joining the circular economy, Drei recently partnered with non-profit organisation ‘PCs für Alle’, or PCs for All, to breathe new life into laptops and monitors to be donated to economically challenged children and young people.

As employees returned to the office following working from home during the pandemic, Drei decided to overhaul its digital office equipment and implement shared workspaces. The result was a large number of unused but still functioning laptops and monitors.

Instead of going to landfill, Drei collaborated with the team at PCs for All, to check and process the electronic devices before distribution. A team of 15 volunteers donated a total of 340 laptops and 260 monitors to a select group of children and minors. Apart from the three tonnes of electronic waste that was avoided, the social benefits of the initiative include providing opportunities for economically disadvantaged young people and ensuring their access to a digital future.

Drei is also actively encouraging its customers to bring any defective or cracked devices and hardware to their stores, whether purchased from them or not, and apply for the state repair bonus of up to €200.

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