Double glory

Irish good luck and a caring society saw Three Ireland take home two impressive awards in recent weeks.

First up, the ‘Monster Hunter’ TV ad won the Advertising Campaign Award at the All Ireland Marketing Awards (AIM), run by the Marketing Institute of Ireland. The campaign transformed the island nation during COVID-19 as it turned data usage from useful to critical by offering “all you can eat data, for all customers, forever.”

Marketing Manager at Three Ireland, Ann-Marie O’Brien, describes the ad as “The story of a boy, his granddad, and a campaign that touched a nation.” The team looked to an original story that was emotionally resonant to the time. She adds, “Almost overnight Three Ireland became an essential service. Data consumption skyrocketed. Three has always believed that life means more through connecting.”

Watch the TVC here.

The second accolade was the Best Embodiment of Corporate Purpose Award at the CovidComms Awards, which celebrated brilliance in comms during the pandemic. Three Ireland’s campaign on ‘Keeping Ireland Connected through Covid’ was recognized for demonstrating their corporate purpose through their response to the crisis.