Tre’s new SIM card looks exactly like a regular SIM. But take a closer look and you’ll see that the new Eco-plastic SIM is made from 100% recycled plastic.

As the telco embraces more sustainable practices, it’s estimated that 65% of Tre’s SIM cards will consist of eco-plastic; plastics that have been broken down and recycled. Less plastic for landfill and a step in the right direction for the eco-friendly nation.

On the subject of sustainability, statistics indicate that two out of three of us have an old mobile lying around the house that we no longer use. Tre’s ‘Swap to New’ initiative makes it easy and safe for customers to get rid of their old phones, tablets and smart watches. Customers who return old devices can even get a good price, or qualify for a reduction on their monthly fees, and a discount on their next phone or tablet purchase.

In 2021, Tre was able to recycle – meaning repair and revive – up to 89% of the devices that were handed in. Only 11% could not be salvaged. However, workable components were removed from these devices and used in other devices.

Tre hasn’t yet worked out how to make an eco-plastic SIM that is suitable for WiFi routers, as a stronger plastic is required to withstand the wear and tear. Current eco-plastics are not yet durable enough but Tre is hopeful there’s a solution around the corner for home and office internet usage.