Equality pays

In a milestone moment for both the Italian telco and the female workforce, WINDTRE has just become the first network in the world to attain ‘Equal-Salary’ certification. This recognition not only bridges the gender pay gap but also confirms WINDTRE’s role as an industry pioneer.

The certification was awarded as a result of WINDTRE’s multi-year commitment to Diversity & Inclusion policies, implemented through HR development policies, management decisions, incentives, and investment into employee training and welfare.

According to data from the Gender Equality Index 2020, the representation of women in the telco sector is significantly lower than that of men. The pay gap still exists and in some cases it’s as high as 15%. Not at WINDTRE; female and male employees have been shown to fulfil equal roles and are remunerated equally for their work.

Director of Human Resources at WINDTRE, Rossella Gangi, said, “The Equal-Salary certification is very important for WINDTRE, because it represents a further step towards the creation of a work environment oriented towards gender equality and the full development of female potential, in which women in leadership positions are increasingly numerous.”