Getting the balance right

Our Danish network has taken a calm, calculated, community-based approach to business during the outbreak – laying out a raft of measures that aim to minimize risk of spreading and catching the virus, whilst preserving some sense of normality where possible.

In contrast to other markets, Tre Danmark has only closed just under half of its stores; in the main retail centres where traffic is high. Further outside the city, its stores are still open, but with strict limitations – such as one customer inside a store at any one time, store staff with protective clothing and gloves and regular cleaning of store furniture.

Meanwhile, Tre are offering free home delivery on all new orders via PostNord, and 50% off data for the lockdown period. It’s in recognition that customers are now more reliant than ever on mobile to stay connected to friends, information and entertainment.

Finally, Tre have published reassuring news that the network’s capacity is not under risk, despite the heightened levels of use.

All these measures are displayed prominently on the Tre website, updated whenever there is a change, so customers always know where they stand.