Girl Power

Across Three, women hold positions of power where they inspire, lead and innovate, as much as their fellow employees who support, grow and build. IWD was a representation of not only the roles women hold but the diversity of the female sex. And most important, the kind of workplace women foster.

Employees at Three Ireland and Three UK were fortunate to hear from two passionate advocates for women, Michelle Gyimah and Rebecca Tallon de Havilland. Michelle, a leading negotiation coach, spoke about how to develop your career and self-advocate successfully while Rebecca, Ireland’s first transgender woman, talked about her brave journey, what is gender and being true to oneself.

Italy celebrated the day with a video of their women speaking; WINDTRE made the bold statement that their female workforce is not only made of “Valuable women but Women of Values.”

In Sri Lanka, IWD took a stronger stance with their mantra of celebrating women who raise their voices, and who #ChooseToChallenge and create an inclusive world. Whether it’s challenging yourself to achieve more or standing up for your rights and what you believe in, Hutch Sri Lanka’s women made a passionate call-to-action video. You can see it here.

In Scandinavia, both Denmark and Sweden recognized where more work needs to be done to address gender imbalances. At Tre Sverige, 3 out of 10 managers are women. Next year the target is 4 with a total gender balance at the company (employees and management) by 2025.

3Danmark set their targets to 40% female representation as diversity creates a good dynamic. In 2019, CEO Morten Christiansen said, “I believe that you have a better dialogue and run a better and probably more profitable business if you have a balance that corresponds to the universal balance between the sexes.”

So it’s undisputable; women are clearly good for business!