Giving back.

Tri Indonesia is renowned for its innovative and forward thinking campaigns to connect the island nation and its outreach doesn’t stop there.

In January, a 6.2 magnitude earthquake hit West Sulawesi and the worst landslides and floods in a decade affected the region of South Kalimantan, causing deaths, injuries and widespread damage.

Recently, Tri Indonesia collaborated with philanthropic and humanitarian institution, Rumah Zakat, to support affected communities. The results have been palpable; together they distributed emergency response aid directly to 400 people living in shelters in the disaster areas around South Kalimantan and Mamuju, West Sulawesi. The aid provided was in the form of basic and daily needs for the victims.

The aid distribution was part of a series of social responsibilities carried out by Tri Indonesia to help disaster victims.

As communication is so vital in the midst of a humanitarian crisis, Tri Indonesia will continue to monitor and provide maximum services to support communities in affected areas.