Going Green

Hutchison Telecommunications Hong Kong Holdings Limited (HTHKH), holding company for Three in Hong Kong and Macau, has won a succession of environmental protection awards and energy management certificates from green organisations and government authorities for its waste paper recycling initiatives.

In keeping with its sustainability targets, HTHKH launched an Office Waste Paper Collection and Recycling Competition across various departments. Just two months after the initiative kicked off, they amassed 11 tonnes (11,790 kg) of waste paper (cardboard, newspapers, office paper) for reuse or recycling. That’s equivalent to 170 trees!

According to the Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department on waste reduction, it takes 17 trees and 1,500 litres of fuel to produce one tonne of paper (1,000 kg). As well as collecting waste equivalent to 170 trees, HTHKH saved over 15,000 litres of fuel and alleviated the daily burden on landfill and other environmental pollution.

Among the eight accolades awarded to HTHKH was the Platinum Award, both for Outstanding ESG Performer of the Year and Outstanding ESG Company at the ESG Achievement Awards; the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals – Green Office Awards Labelling Scheme; and an Honourable Mention in ESG Excellence at the Hong Kong Corporate Governance and ESG Excellence Awards.

HTHKH continues to put corporate social responsibility at the top of its priority list. The paper recycling follows on from a history of sustainable actions including the 2012 Recycling of Handsets and Accessories Programme and the recent Go Paperless Campaign, that encourages customers to opt for electronic billing.