Honey Bee 2.0

After a successful Phase 1 of the Honey Bee Initiative, Hong Kong will improve network coverage across 18 districts with Honey Bee 2.0.

A special network testing squad, known as ‘Team Honey Bee’ hit the pavement, parks, shopping zones and remote non-urban zones of Hong Kong’s regions to seek out Three’s network blind spots. The aim is to optimise network performance, across 18 districts, for all customers.

Phase 2 will go one step further in gamifying and extending the offer out to real customers. Given Three customers are most familiar with their local community and surroundings, their usage experience will be the most accurate and valuable in terms of reflecting real network performance.

The Honey Bee 2.0 teams will be assigned a dedicated map for network testing via their own handsets; their mission is to locate blind spots within a 2-week turnaround. Just like any normal daily phone usage, each team member is asked to upload an IG story, watch a YouTube video, make a WhatsApp video call and a voice call with their own handset.

The goal of the program is to enhance engagement with customers, as well as get them involved in improving the network quality to better serve them and other Three customers.

See one of the Honey Bees in action here.