Keeping Kids Connected

The Stay Connected programme is a perfect example of how charity combined with circular economy solutions can bring enriching results.

Three UK has been able to donate over 200 laptops and 300 monitors to the ‘Keep Kids Connected’ scheme, facilitated by the DONS Local Action Group. This donation will benefit three Secondary Schools and six Primary Schools within the Kingston borough.

Three UK is working in partnership with Genuine Solutions Group, pioneers of the first full circular economy solution for the recovery and distribution of smart devices and mobile accessories.

This old tech, ordinarily seen as waste and disposed of, will now help, support and give disadvantaged children in the borough the opportunity of a better education. A win-win situation for the kids and the environment, ensuring unloved and unwanted technology does not go to waste and end up in landfill.

Three is partnering with like-minded organisations like Genuine Solutions Group to provide ethical and sustainable choices to reduce the wasteful impacts of a disposable society on Planet Earth.