‘KOL’ with a difference.

It means Key Opinion Leader, right? Well, not in Hong Kong, where Three is thinking a little differently about what KOL could stand for.

‘Keep On Loving’ is a new video sharing competition, aimed at its creatively-minded customers. Three is asking participants ‘What is your KOL’ and inviting them to shoot and share the moments in life they love, feel happy or passionate about, or enjoy the most.

With three categories of prizes – Most creative idea, Best production and Best Video overall – potential winners have to simply shoot a 3-minute video and share it on their own YouTube channel, sending the link to Three.

Find out more about the contest here.

In parallel, Three are offering customers free access to ‘5G Go Phone Club’, a kind of priority

notification service for new devices and offers as they come available. By subscribing, customers can be in the know about device launches, enjoy 5G handset discounts and compete to win a VIP priority presale status.

Check out the 5G Go Phone Club on the Three website, here.