‘Living It Up’ with 5G.

Hot on the heels of its June collaboration with the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, for the live-streamed ‘Power of Drums’ event, Three Hong Kong has launched its next 5G-powered initiative – and this time it’s Hong Kong’s small business community that’s the focal audience.

Three’s new ‘5G Live Up’ is a packaged broadcast service that enables the likes of KOLs, educators, sellers and even yoga instructors to take their business online and ‘live’, to an audience that is increasingly turning to the ‘virtual’ rather than the physical, particularly after the pandemic.  

The package, which is now available to businesses through Three Hong Kong’s online store, is almost plug-and-play – requiring nothing more than a 5G connection and a monthly subscription. It uses the low-latency power of 5G to promise businesses a high-speed live broadcast transmission – encoded with professional-standard technology – so that viewers receive real-time experiences from wherever they are watching, buying, learning or meditating. It’s compatible with video and cinema cameras so that high-definition content can be broadcast. And best of all, it requires almost no IT knowledge to set up and start broadcasting.

It’s the same technology solution that has already been used by Three to cover the Hong Kong Philharmonic’s live performance in June – when concert-goers could listen in live without actually being there.

But for small businesses, 5G Live Up has significant monetary advantages, not just the safety of doing business from a distance. For instance, a yoga instructor broadcasting a daily session from her home studio can connect with many more students than she could otherwise in a hired yoga studio, where limited numbers can attend. And with the 5G Live Up app’s built-in monetisation features, she can charge for her services easily. KOLs, as another example, can connect with a live audience on social networks with high-quality professional-standard content. Budding musicians and teachers can monetise their skills in a new way. The potential for Live Up is huge – but, as we all know, it’s also just the tip of an iceberg. The power of Three Hong Kong’s 5G will help recalibrate how Hong Kong does business, consumes the arts and interconnects between communities across all walks of life – and we’ll see more as the future unfolds.