New HQ

This month saw the unveiling of ‘Three HQ’, a new office space for Three in the UK. Situated in Green Park, a new technology business zone in Reading, the purpose-built, stand-alone space has four floors, and multiple zones shaped around a new vision for work.

The design of Three HQ was spearheaded by Morgan Lovell, who worked in collaboration with Three UK and brand guardians WHAM to integrate brand culture and creative vision into the space.

In 2020, Three UK began to reset their company vision and, central to this, was a desire to accommodate shifting expectations around work and working techniques in the physical and digital space. As the pandemic took hold and hybrid working turned from necessity to new normal, Three’s office design would evolve throughout the project.

To reflect this new reality, Three HQ is subdivided into quarters which cater for different aspects of what we now understand work to be.  For instance, there’s a Discovery Quarter for on-site training and development, a Living Quarter for wellbeing, and Social and Play Quarters for dining, relaxation and interaction.

Modularity has been in-built into the design, enhancing the versatility of some of the spaces throughout, and giving employees of Three more choice in how and where they work.

One standout feature is the bespoke Three logo chandelier in the foyer. First conceived by WHAM’s environments and 3D designer Jenny Smith, and brought to life by Made by Luum. With more than 500 tubes of LED perspex sticks, the chandelier signals a bold new dawn for the Three brand. To explore the new space, watch here.