New World Ready

This month, over 50 people attended WHAM’s biannual brand forum, representing all of CKHH’s global Telco brands. Market presentations from the UK to Austria, Italy and Indonesia touched upon themes as far and wide as making customers lives better, becoming a “Lifestyle enabler”, fostering greater connection and connectivity, and closing the distance on real and imagined barriers by championing inclusivity.

Two keynote speakers delivered invaluable insight. Kenny Koo, CEO of Three Hong Kong, showed how Three is transforming Hong Kong’s Telco industry at breakneck speed with the rollout of 5G and delivering a superior network for consumers and business alike. From immersive arts to NFTs and e-ticketed livestream performances, the art world is changing faster than ever .

Special guest speaker, Steve Arkley, recounted his experiences as VP of Global Marketing at Budweiser, and how he helped drive the brand to become the “King of Beers” in spite of intense market competition and disruptive global challenges.

WHAM shared thought pieces on how to be “new world ready” in the aftermath of the pandemic. Whether it be a no frills data offer or images of real people, the message was about reaching consumers in a simple, authentic and honest way, with positive and consistent brand actions.

Finally, the big messages of the forum delivered by Group speakers from CKH IOD and the new Global Sustainability team, were about how CKHH could become a truly ethical and sustainable company at the core, and lead with innovations and development in new categories.