‘Nice’ won!

The launch of Tre Sverige’s latest ‘Nice’ concept has earned them first prize in the Strategy Awards Sweden.

The clever ‘Trevligt’ campaign uses a play on words – Tre means Three while ‘trevligt’ or ‘trevliga’ means nice. The ad stars Jaime Pressly who enters a restaurant kitchen and claims her personal success is due to the concept of trevligt. She smiles, “I try to be like Tre. Their secret is they’re trevliga in everything they do. Products, customer services, prices, they always do a little extra.”

The award-winning campaign is a collaboration between Tre Sverige and creative agencies Ingo Stockholm and Brand Union in the UK.

The jury described the campaign as “understanding what the customer is looking for in an operator. When building from a culture that permeates the organization, you have found a winning concept that creates recognition all the way from communications to the customer experience. Linguistically, ‘Nice’ is a good choice that has the potential to contribute to success in the category over the long term.”

You can view the campaign and award here.