Pay gap no more

WINDTRE’s latest brand campaign highlights the company’s commitment to closing the gender pay gap. The telco’s campaign video, which announces their equal-salary certification, features three real-life female employees. A voiceover claims, “There are some positions that can only be occupied by men” and “For a woman to become a director is a real challenge.” To which another voice replies, “Not at WINDTRE.” The TVC is authentic in its choice of real WINDTRE representatives and shows that change starts at home.

In March this year, WINDTRE received certification from the Equal-Salary Foundation. This award testifies to WINDTRE’s commitment to equal pay regardless of gender; there will be no salary difference between men and women who hold the same positions with the same responsibilities.

WINDTRE is continually showing that “the beauty of opinions is that they can be changed.” With its strong Diversity, Equity and Inclusion policies, WINDTRE is proving that gender equality in the workplace is a thing of the past. The company’s aim is to create fair and equal opportunities for all, and to eliminate the distance and barriers between all people.