Player 3

Three Denmark has formed a strategic partnership with Astralis Nexus, a centre for gaming, entertainment and education. The collaboration allows Three to occupy a new and important position in the market as it continues to roll out its superior 5G network across Denmark.

For gamers, access to a strong and stable network is a must. Three wants to become the loyal partner and supplier to Denmark’s gaming community.

The Astralis Nexus centre offers a social community for everyone, regardless of level, allowing gamers to connect through gaming, community, esports and entertainment. The collaboration with Three is a chance to open a dialogue on outmoded views and misconceptions around gaming. Three is dedicated to demystifying the negative perceptions of this booming industry, by increasing awareness of the positives and potential of gaming. The focus is largely on promoting healthy gaming habits. Three believes the collaboration with Astralis Nexus is a good match as they are both strong-willed and keen to take on new initiatives. Their goal is to strengthen the Danish gaming community, and through technology and innovation, make it possible for people to share their experiences with one other.