Playing to win

WINDTRE wins the ‘Breaking Barriers’ category at the YouTube Works Award for its groundbreaking video that tackles gender discrimination in the gaming world. In a social experiment filmed last year, professional gamer Tuberanza plays as a ‘girl’. As well as his own disbelief, audiences bear witness to the level of abuse and discrimination hurled at the gamer. In fact, a shocking 72% of female gamers – who make up 47% of all gamers in Italy – switch off the microphone while playing as they don’t feel free to identify their gender.

In addition to first prize at the YouTube Works, held in Italy for the first time this year, #VoceAlleGamer was also rewarded with the Interactive Key Award from MediaKey in the ‘Social Strategy’ category. It also gained recognition at the ADC Group Branded Content & Entertainment Awards.

The #VoceAlleGamer project was a creative collaboration between Wunderman Thompson Italy and WINDTRE. It was first released on Nov 25, 2021 – the UN’s International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women – with the aim of raising awareness on this lesser-known form of gender discrimination.

Click here to watch the video.