Please Don’t Call!

We all know how annoying unsolicited calls and texts can be. WINDTRE, with its commitment to digital responsibility, recognises that our smartphones should be both functional and entertaining but never the cause of stress. This was the motivation behind wanting to protect their customers from unwanted calls, with a service accessible in the WINDTRE app that allows its customers to report and block calls from unsolicited numbers.

In typical WINDTRE style, the Telco chose to communicate this message in an entertaining and humorous way. The campaign TVC features everyday people receiving unwanted calls and in response singing out, “Please Don’t Call,” inspired by the iconic ‘70s song, Please Don’t Go by KC and The Sunshine Band.

The campaign’s creative concept was born from the idea of transforming annoyance into entertainment. Launched on TikTok to reach a younger audience and stimulate engagement with a hashtag challenge, the TVC generated a staggering 55 million views, 800,000 engagement activities and 13,000 new followers. But the real success has been WINDTRE’s ability to protect some 600,000 customers with 19,500 numbers reported and blocked from ever bothering them again.

The TVC, produced in collaboration with creative agency, Wunderman Thompson  has also picked up two prestigious awards. First at the Touchpoint Awards Strategy 2022, in the Outsider category for the innovative approach achieved in communicating to a diverse audience via a cross-media strategy. Second, WINDTRE has won in the Web and Mobile Spot category at the 54°Key Award & 9°Radio Key Award, a Festival organized by the Media Key group. Watch the TVC here.

It’s good to be WINDTRE!