Record Data Usage!

In anticipation of Denmark’s legendary music festival, Tre delivered and set up 130 tonnes of mast and antenna equipment for the 2022 Roskilde Festival. In addition to the nine permanent masts, Tre technicians set up 7 temporary masts with 4G and 5G capabilities around the festival site.

More than 100,000 excited festival goers descended on the Dyrskuepladsen in Roskilde in late June for the first time in 2 years, after Covid cancellations. The event also marked a change in Tre’s equipment supplier, with the new equipment being tested during the festival with very good results.

Stefan Ring Støhrmann, Head of Radio Network Operations at Tre said, “Roskilde Festival is where we try new things. This year, we have successfully pressure tested the same equipment that is currently being set up across the country in connection with the modernisation and expansion of our 4G and 5G networks.”

As well as a fantastic music line-up, the equipment massively improved the mobile experience for festival goers, who set a new record in data usage on Tre’s network. Customers used a whopping 126 TB of data during the festival’s 4-day event – that’s equivalent to one person watching Netflix for 6.5 years or streaming music on Spotify for around 333 years!