Ride of your life!

Since 2021, Three has consistently shown Irish households the benefits of a superior network and a better connected life, matched by a range of connected products from Three’s Connected Life range. Three’s new Lifestyle stores, also launched last year, are setting a new benchmark for in-store experience and diversity of products.

The next installment in Three’s Connected Life story is the new brand TV ad, ‘Jeff’s World’ which supports the lifestyle journey in a humorous way, and drives key brand metrics. The ad tells the story of a family’s pet bearded dragon, Jeff, who is whisked away on an adventure aboard the Eufy Robovac hoover, a robotic vacuum cleaner, one of the many products from Three’s Connected Life range.

The ad is feel-good and entertaining, showing the sense of joy and freedom that connected living can bring to everyone’s world!

Watch the ad here or find out more about Three’s A Better Connected Life.