Rising stars

Tri Indonesia offered hope and joy to thousands of high school students who recently participated in and watched the H3Y STAR Virtual Festival 2021.

This year, due to the pandemic and associated lockdowns, the annual event known as H3Y STAR, which is normally held offline, was brought online. Interaction and engagement remained high, including 1200 high schools across Indonesia.

In order to motivate and encourage students during the long school-from-home period, Tri invited high school students, via the H3Y STAR Virtual Festival program, to explore and showcase their talents starting February 2021.

The H3Y STAR program aims to provide opportunities to high school students to be confident to showcase their talents and, in spite of the pandemic, realise their dreams. The initiative reached 44 regions across Indonesia.

From registration to voting and the announcement of winners, the entire event was rolled out via the Bima+ app and with the aid of Tri’s strong network.

The main H3Y STAR competition categories for entertainment included Group Bands, Solo Singers and Dancers. In the Esports category, competitors played for a total prize value of millions of rupiah and a chance to play with e-sport pro players.

During the H3Y STAR finale, well-known Indonesian musicians Ardhito Pramono, Mahen, and Fourtwnty performed to virtual audiences. Also included were video collaborations from the top three winners and performances from each winning school.

As always, Tri Indonesia is dedicated to supporting younger generations nationwide.

Click here to watch the H3Y STAR Virtual Festival 2021 promo.