Sharing kept simple.

Sharing is good thing. Even more so when it’s easy to do. That’s the thought behind Tre Sverige’s ‘family’ proposition, a product it’s been promoting strongly throughout the last 12 months – and continues to push, ahead of the holiday season.

The ‘3Samla’ package allows new subscribers to choose up to 5 close family members, friends or colleagues, and share their Tre subscription, for an affordable monthly charge per user. Calls and texts are free for all, data gets shared without restrictions, and the subscriber gets the single bill at the end of the month. Easy.

It’s flexible too; subscribers can choose to buddy-up with users at different addresses – as long as it’s in Sweden – with each user getting their own number. And they can even add broadband to their plan, a key benefit in today’s climate.

Value, of course, is at the heart of this offer. Tre is known for providing affordable ways to join and enjoy new phones, and 3Samla does just that, allowing groups of customers to use the network and only pay their share of the data.

So how good is the value, against its competitors? Well, no other network in Sweden can match the 99SEK monthly charge. As the latest TV spot suggests, the only danger is that the offer is a little ‘too’ attractive…