Spin some gold.

As if a breakdancing, moonwalking dog doing head-spins outside a Copenhagen bar isn’t enough, the Danish network’s customers have been delivered more good vibes through a unique-in-market trade-in deal.

Watch the new video here.

Now, when you buy a new phone, you have up to 14 days to drop in your old phone or tablet, to get money back. But that’s only half the story…

3 is the only network in Denmark to allow the customer to trade-in unlimited devices at the same time – an offer based on research finding that show most customers have at least two old devices lying around in the back of cluttered cupboards, gathering dust. Who wouldn’t want to clear out at the same time as cutting the price of their new model?

Not only that, 3 are unique in offering an online value assessment for old devices – so customers know what they’ll be getting upfront – and the facility to make a face-to-face booking at a 3 store to finalise the trade-in.

The deal coincides with another unique offer at 3. In an exclusive partnership with Fairphone, 3 is now the only network in Denmark to offer the world’s ‘most sustainable smartphone’ – exemplifying 3’s green credentials.

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