Stepping up

With the successful rollout of its 5G network and the launch of its ‘Internet for Home 5G’, 3 continues to stand out from its competitors by doing things differently.

3 recognises that telecommunications infrastructure expansion across Denmark and digital transformation go hand-in-hand. Wanting to consolidate its position as an industry leader, 3 recently joined Denmark’s largest trade association for the IT and telecommunications sector, IT-Branchen.

 “3 has great ambitions for the spread of lightning-fast internet to the home via 5G, and for the development of the mobile business, which is becoming increasingly digitized. As a telecommunications company, we cannot therefore just look at digitalisation as something that happens in parallel with the development of the telecommunications sector. With the IT Industry’s great understanding and insight, we see them as a strong partner that can help us promote both areas,” said Søren Rinnov Østergaard, Director of 3’s Consumer division.

3 wants to build a bridge between the telecommunications and IT sectors, which have been experiencing greater crossover in recent years. Investing in a qualified labor force with technical skills and making sure Danes nationwide have access to opportunities to upgrade their digital skills is part of 3’s broader vison.  Digitalisation in peripheral areas, strengthening of digital competences and digital transformation will be the main points that 3 and IT-Branchen will jointly focus on.

In response to the earthquakes in Syria and Turkey, 3 is also supporting the Danish Red Cross with a contribution of DKK 100,000 towards relief efforts, mainly via food, water and medical aid. CEO Morten Christiansen stated, “It’s a terrible situation that has suddenly plunged Turkey and Syria into a humanitarian crisis. There is a need for action, and therefore we are offering support.”