Streaming Solutions

Imagine being able to watch your favourite performance or programme live from the comfort of your own home?

That’s exactly what Hong Kong residents are enjoying with Three Hong Kong’s 5G 4K ultra-HD Broadcasting Solution. It enables simultaneous live broadcasting of a programme, with a picture quality of up to 4K, across a dedicated platform and social media platforms, such as YouTube and Facebook.

As the 5G live broadcast partner of the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra and the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, Three Hong Kong recently provided top quality broadcasts of concerts and performances to music fans worldwide. The events were live streamed in 4K ultra high-definition via its 5G network.

Three’s superior 5G network coupled with professional live streaming equipment, is creating huge opportunities for a wide range of industries, especially in retail and entertainment. In addition to live broadcasting of programmes and events, the new 5G 4K ultra-HD Broadcasting Solution offers a ticketing function so that attendees can be charged. The customised charging options allow Three Hong Kong subscribers to charge and receive payments from their audiences or students in one go.

One such example is the Hong Kong Dance Company, who will be maximising the new broadcasting solution to conduct online classes in order to keep students on track and up to speed during the pandemic.