Success stories.

It’s one thing launching and activating a newly merged brand during a global pandemic. But it’s something else to do it successfully, with a real bang.

And now, almost a year in, WINDTRE is being recognised again for its excellence – with two high-profile national award wins.

First up; winners of the Le Fonti Award for Excellence in Brand and Leadership. Having arrived in the homes of Italians, during the difficult period of lockdown, WINDTRE was judged to have acted with the right spirit, effectively balancing traditional and digital channels, and making clear the core values of the new single brand. The award makes a clear and optimistic statement; WINDTRE is setting the new standard for telco brands in Italy, as we look forward to life post-pandemic.

Next, with its cross-media ‘Happy Birthday’ campaign, WINDTRE has also just won in the ‘Best Digital Campaign’ category at the NC Digital Awards, in Media Telco and Entertainment – a testament to excellence in communications, creativity and cross-media expertise.

In parallel to its growing list of consumer accolades, WINDTRE has also been promoting awareness of its business propositions, positioning the WINDTRE as the ‘human network builder’ and increasing perception of its ‘Top Quality Network’ credential. Using TV, press and web communications, campaign activity has been highly targeted, communicating the ‘Office Smart’ proposition to small, medium and large businesses – using live case studies of WINDTRE’s partnerships. With Philips, Divella and Land Rover.