Super Fiber

WINDTRE’S brand ambassador, famous comedian Fiorello, returns home in anticipation of a night in front of the TV. But as he lunges towards the TV remote, it turns into an epic slo-mo dive for the sofa. After landing safely, he smiles, ready for the perfect moment; only to discover he’s forgotten to change the batteries on the remote control.

The TVC is WINDTRE’s latest promotion: a one-year deal for the Amazon Prime service, accompanied by WINDTRE’s ‘Super Fiber’. Customers can browse and watch a wealth of content from films to TV series and the best Wednesday matches in the UEFA Champions League.

Exclusive to WINDTRE customers, and at a cost of € 22.99 per month, the ‘Super Fiber’ offer includes unlimited connection up to 1 Gigabit speed and a Wi-Fi 6 modem. Additionally, the whole family can enjoy unlimited data on their smartphones.

As the ‘Human Network Builder’, WINDTRE wants to be the Telco brand that closes the distance between people. Crafted by well-known Italian film director, Gabriele Muccino, the TVC highlights the quirks that make us all human. “The commercial inaugurates a new communication format,” says Claudia Erba, WINDTRE’s Brand Communication Director. “It is not only technology that unites us, but also those small imperfections that reveal our more human side.”

You can watch the TV spot here.