The gifting destination

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at Three Ireland stores. With the launch of its Christmas campaign and a TV spot, Three is positioning itself as the perfect gifting destination.

Top of mind in Three’s priority tactical campaign this Christmas is showcasing BillPay handsets for €3.

Through its online gift guide, Three Ireland is offering shoppers a range of curated gifts for him, her and stocking fillers. Three is enticing customers to its shops with a multichannel approach and dazzling window displays of illuminated 3D decorations. You can watch the Three Christmas TV ad here.

The good cheer comes off the back of a successful “All calls, all texts, all 5G data for €15” campaign. The all-inclusive plan, known as 3 Prepay Hero, was offered to new customers. Launched over two phases for greater cut through, with a stylish key visual and clear message, the campaign has been a resounding success across online, in store, social and 3Community.

In store, eye-catching key visuals resulted in +100% of their sales target. Online, mainly via the website, 43% of contracts (FTCs) came from PAC customers. In Social, Three Ireland delivered consistently high click through rates from non-customers, with total sales during the campaign of €45,400.

The campaign allowed Three Ireland to achieve its best Port Net (PN) position in years, increasing by 515% since before the August launch. Three’s active customer base has also increased by more than 8,000.