The ‘Godmother’

It’s an offer you can’t say no to. The new sassy TV campaign shows a female mafia boss who enters an underworld with her Boston Terrier and two thugs in tow.

In spite of the sombre setting, the tongue-in-cheek message is really about family. In the tradition of Mafia families, well-known Danish actress Stine Stengade plays the role of the formidable mafiosa or ‘Godmother’, as she struts past thugery to take her place at the head of the table, always with a twinkle in her eye.

On the new communication strategy, Tre Marketing Director, Jesper Thyssen said, “We are not afraid to communicate with edge.”

The new world speaks directly to Danish consumers about the benefits they can get with a new 3 Family subscription. The more members in your family, the cheaper it gets, including 50% savings for extra users.

Watch the TV spot here.