The power of “things”.

It’s not hard to see how 5G will soon transform all of our lives but add to that IoT and we begin to wonder, what next?

Three Ireland currently has the country’s strongest and fastest 5G network and Myles Gardiner, Three’s M2M and IoT Sales Manager, is as at the forefront of Ireland’s digital revolution. He says, “Just as people have adapted to working from home, businesses that adapt to the new dynamic will succeed better than those that don’t.”

IoT will not only transform the way we run businesses, it will also have a flow-on effect to the consumer, from the efficacy of the smoke alarms in our homes and buildings to tracking a parcel across the globe. When machines start communicating – don’t think Terminator’s Skynet, rather imagine data exchange that can pre-empt errors and obsolescence. This will in turn allow timely upgrades and component replacements that lead to superior efficiency and in the case of a smoke alarm, even save lives.

Myles concludes, ‘You don’t know what you don’t know’. With IoT, you can now uncover knowledge that you didn’t have before. And with Three, companies can have the confidence they are working with the largest IoT provider in Ireland.”

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