The sweet spot

Three Hong Kong will stop at nothing to become the city’s most reliable network. Of course, no network is without its blind spots. But Three wants to up the ante and prove its reliability to customers by seeking out and eliminating the network’s last remaining mobile dead zones.

The launch of ‘The Honey Bee Campaign’ is Three’s way of saying that it can provide that ‘sweet spot’ for its customer base. And how to do that? Get them involved!

Key to Three’s campaign was a recruitment drive, with the help of social media influencers, to find the best ‘Honey Bee’ team to seek out the city’s blind spots. Whether Queen bee or drone bee, the recruitment call resulted in an overwhelming response, with a dedicated and motivated colony now swarming around the city to identify and test every last remaining blind spot.

Based on real user experiences and engaging the most popular social media apps on a mobile phone, Three’s hands-on, user-generated approach is in stark contrast to the usual network process that relies on engineer tests with advanced testing devices and technical assessments.

Three’s ‘Honey Bees’ are creating a buzz as they traverse the city – come rain, hail or shine – and undertake a series of tests in diverse locations from bustling areas such as the MTR lines and shopping malls to alleyways and remote locations.

The rollout of the campaign included a fun ‘Honey Bee’ inspired video featuring famous Hong Kong Film Awards 2023 Best Actor nominee, Mak PuiTung and the voice of Best Supporting Actress nominee, Harriet Yeung. To entice shop traffic, a series of games and giveaways were on offer including the Honey Beer Pong game and a special edition ‘Honey Bee’ craft beer at launch and on Valentine’s Day. 

While Three is 100% serious about optimising the internet experience for its customers and enhancing network consistency throughout the city, the Honey Bee Campaign is proof that you can make it fun.